Eastern Table Top

Eastern Tabletop, a leading manufacturer in the food service industry, has devoted close to 70 years in exceptional service to major chain hotels, convention centers, universities, cruise lines, and clubs, creates innovative products, and provides outstanding customer programs. Today, we are the go-to address for state-of-the-art high-quality holloware and buffetware, flourishing side by side with our newly released Rolling Buffet Series.

Eastern’s fully stocked warehouse, featuring the greatest variety of holloware and buffetware in the industry, is a major advantage to our dealer-oriented network. All items are clearly divided into our 4-and 5-star rating program specifically designed to simplify the purchasing process.

Eastern proudly features the latest and newest items herein. As we take pride in listening to our customer’s voice, we are constantly conceiving, designing, and developing new items. Stay updated by browsing our website at www.easterntabletop.com as we define the future buffet.

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