Marie DanielleThe Essence of Emotions

It was 1972 when Sergio Tramontana began to approach hoteliers with his first product: a strip for polishing shoes. His intuition was incisive. Since that moment, his company, which was then called “Lustro Italiana” (Italian Polish), has become a landmark in the hotel industry. Its customers have included several distinguished names such as the hotels of the former CIGA (Italian Company of Grand Hotels). In the late Eighties, the company changed its corporate name to “Marie Danielle” adopting a more pronouncedly cosmetic connotation. In the Nineties, Sergio transferred the company’s shares to his brother, Claudio Tramontana. New energy; new goals. The company specialized in the bulk production of cosmetics in its own laboratories and augmented its assets with mixing systems for raw materials for producing the contents of its courtesy lines. Fabio and Massimo, the second generation of the Tramontana’s family are at the held of the company.

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